Carrier Transicold Parts Department Customer Satisfaction Survey

Carrier Transicold of Boston Carrier Transicold of Rhode Island Carrier Transicold of Maine

1.  Was your contact with our Parts Department handled courteously?
2.  Did our personnel do all that was expected in helping you determine your needs?
3.  Did we have everything you needed?
4.  If we didn't have a part you wanted, did we give you a proper explanation as to why not?
5.  If your parts need was an emergency, did our personnel give you different freight options and costs?
6.  Did our personnel recommend other associated parts that may be needed in conjunction with the ones you were looking for?
7.  Overall, were you satisfied?
8.  Would you use as again?
9.  Would you recommend us to others?
Do you have any additional comments you would like to share with us?
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All of us at Carrier Transicold of Boston, Maine & Rhode Island look forward to serving your future needs.
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