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Responsible for the Distribution of the most respected Brands of Detroit Diesel, New England Detroit Diesel Allison, with locations convenient to Boston’s Logan Airport and the harbors of Boston, Providence, Rhode Island, and Portland, Maine, serves the needs of users in the Northeast area. An extensive inventory of engines, transmission and replacement parts is maintained as well as an in-house design engineering capability to modify and install engines to meet our customers’ special requirements. Widely experienced in the fields of dependable marine power as well as vehicle locomotion, and backed by some of the world’s largest manufacturing companies, New England Detroit Diesel-Allison is the logical choice for all your power needs.

Allison Transmission


For nearly 100 years, Allison Transmission has continuously discovered new ways to make work easier and more efficient. Because of their commitment to quality, Allison is the world’s largest manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems for commercial-duty vehicles.

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Detroit Diesel


For over 70 years, Detroit Diesel has designed and built the heavy-duty engines that power commerce and transportation all across North America. Detroit Diesel engines are known for their best-in-class fuel economy and low-cost of maintenance. We love Detroit Diesel engines for their power, efficiency, and longevity.

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